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Ádám Bot: See you out there

The choreographer aims to create a public performance where young artists from theatre and contemporary dance will try to draw attention to the question of homelessness and unhousedness.

In the morning on our way to work or school, during the day while walking to our favourite café or at night heading to the metro station to catch the last train, we follow familiar routes. We barely notice the buildings, the shop windows, the pedestrians who are at same place at the same time as we are – or the homeless people, visible and invisible, who face housing issues on a daily basis. We have become accustomed to their presence, as well as to the presence of public sculptures, whose silent stillness has made them almost as much a part of the square as the rest. But this is not all right. 

The art project See you out there takes this disharmonious feeling as its starting point, and aims to draw attention to the fact that in today’s Hungary housing is not a fundamental right, but rather a privilege.

“I have no illusions that this performance will bring about radical changes at the social level. But I do think that art can and should talk about real-time problems. And talk turns into dialogue, dialogue turns into collective thinking, which turns into a willingness to act and eventually – to action.” (Ádám Bot)

The art project is created in cooperation with the editors of the street paper Without Roof (Fedél nélkül), as the actions are inspired by the poems and works published in the paper, and the locations of the artistic actions are chosen by the artists based on the suggestions of the volunteers from the paper. The audience, mostly made up of people who happen to pass by on the street, can take with them the works of homeless artists (haiku, short poems and reflections) that remind them in their everyday lives that we should think together about housing issues. 

Concept: Adam Bot
Co-creators and performers: Ádám Bot, Emese Kovács, Adrienn Mész, Krisztián Szilágyi
Special thanks to: Panna Bencsik and the volunteers from Fedél nélkül

Date: 6pm, 6 June 2023 
Location: 1091 Budapest, Kálvin tér (at the corner of Ráday street)

Free programme