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Thor McIntyre-Burnie (Aswarm, GB) – Ambrus Ivanyos (Meetlab, HU): Resonance

What do trees talk about? The minerals in the earth? The concentration of CO2 in the air? Or maybe about us?

online premier: 24 April 2021
The project can be visited continuously.


The basis of the two artists’ joint project is the desire to create art through the joining of art and technology and examining the role of narrative within the new work. While the narrative of Thor McIntyre-Burnie’s prior projects was based mainly on interviews and social media posts, Ambrus Ivanyos and the Meetlab collective created works where fiction and scientific fact were inextricably tied together.

Like all things in the world trees also have a sort of resonance. If we could record this resonance perhaps we could also hear how trees living side by side communicate with each other. This resonance is on such a low wavelength that for years and years it seemed impossible to record it. Until now.

What do trees talk about? The minerals in the earth? The concentration of CO2 in the air? About the sunshine? The weather? Or maybe about us?

Their resonance can only be perceived by the human ear if we accelerate it during playback. Long years quickly become seconds and if we pay attention we may finally hear their sound. The sound of trees. During our research we have managed to prove that trees communicate with one another, but for a long time learning and translating their language seemed inconceivable.Using unique technology the artists give participants a glimpse into the secret life of trees living among us. Their results will be shown to the public for the first time through the use of a model in a virtual space. They will showcase further phases of their project later on in real space via an audio walk and a sound installation.

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Supported by
National Cultural Foundation
In Situ (as part of the Creative Europe program)