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CREW is a Brussels/Belgium-based art collective founded by artist Eric Joris that creates performances on the boundary between art and science, between performing arts and new technology.

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CREW pioneered immersion-based performances in 2003 and was the first to combine 360° Omni Directional Video (ODV) and Head Mounted Display (HMD) to create an ‘Alternative Reality’ (‘AltR’) which is anchored in the physical world. By moving and walking the ‘immersant’ experiences the virtual world with their own body.

The collective is very versatile, but its work is always rooted in the same utopic vision: in the quest for a medium that both analyses and opens up our experience of reality. This striving for immersion is the basic theme of CREW’s live-art. CREW creates hybrid art forms and presents its work in different settings and genres (ie. performance arts, visual arts, large public events, scientific conferences) all across Europe, in China, Canada and the U.S.

C.a.p.e. is an immersive performance, experienced individually by participants. Using state-of-the-art technology C.a.p.e. Drop_Dog teleports the visitor from the stage into the world of two unique short stories. No longer sitting and reading in a comfortable seat, you are ‘immersed’ in a 360° story that develops whilst you are moving in its virtual reality. This continuous process of looking, reading, listening, and moving produces a complex reading experience and a pleasantly uncomfortable feeling of being in two different, but parallel, worlds at once.

While you traverse the concrete floors of the exhibition space in what looks to outside viewers like a strange human-cyborg dance, you will physically experience a fear of heights, you will see a view from a balcony whilst overhearing different conversations, you will exchange perspectives with a dog, and you will experience the fragility of human existence, human-nature and perception. C.a.p.e. Drop_Dog delivers two transformative stories that shift one’s perception of location, personal space and time.

C.a.p.e. (Computer Automatic Personal Environment) was developed by CREW and EDM/UHasselt (BE). It is a lightweight version of their hardware which uses prerecorded material for this mind-expanding immersive walk. Video goggles, trackers and a headset transport the visitor to the virtual reality. Premiered at the Shanghai World Exhibition in 2010, this participatory format offers a radically new way to engage in a narrative, to live a documentary, or to discover a far-away city. C.a.p.e. comes in many versions: C.a.p.e. Brussels, C.a.p.e. Tohoku, C.a.p.e. KIT, C.a.p.e. Horror, C.a.p.e. Vooruit, C.a.p.e. Anima and now also C.a.p.e. Drop_Dog.

Concept: C.a.p.e. Drop_Dog Eric Joris & Chantalla Pleiter in collaboration with Tonnus Oosterhoff
Director: Chantalla Pleiter & Eric Joris
Text: C.a.p.e. Drop_Dog by Tonnus Oosterhoff
Technique: Jakub Rehak
Editing: Chantalla Pleiter & Jakub Rehak
Technological development: CREW, Koen Goossens, Vincent Jacobs
Lights: Julien Ladavid
Sound: Ruben Nachtergaele
Graphics: Peter Prinsen

4-8 pm 25, 26, 27, October, 2016 in every 20 minutes
Helyszín: @Gödör

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