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CALL FOR PARTICIPATIONS / Invisible Playground (DE) – Reality Research Center (FI) : #COPPP [BUDAPEST]

20-23.10.2016 @ Reality Research Festival

PLACCC and Kitchen Budapest will present Reality Research Festival between 21-27 October.

 As part of a one week program series a German-Finnish-Hungarian coproduction COPPP (CENTER OF PASSIVITIES – POSSIBILITIES  – POTENTIALITIES) team is looking for
10 local collaborators that Christiane Hütter and Pekko Koskinen would like to invite for an exciting network experiment and waiting techniques to become a professional time controller.

Networks surround us. Different networks are penetrating each other. Influencing. We all are part of many of them. We are starting a network experiment. We are creating a network of networks. In Budapest we will offer to participants to pass our first waiting licence exam. Beyond that we would like to spread the methods all over the place and all over the city.

Who we are looking for:

People who like acting and approaching people actively.

People who do not like waiting passively.

What we need from you:

1 hour of your time to get to know us, our technique and each other.

1-3 days of your time. We can distribute time slots according to your individual schedules.

What we offer:

Working with internationally experienced artists and possibility of trying new kinds of performative methods. A lot of new contacts, trainer’s certificate and happy moments.

When and where :

COPPP will take place in the city center (VI / XIII districts)

1-hour workshop will be organised on 20th October 18 :30.

The waiting exams will run for 3 days between 21-23 October 17 :00-19 :00 and each day each participant will be part of the actions for 2 hours per day.

Volunteers assume, that they participate in the workshops and all of the 3 performing days. Working language is English without Hungarian translation.


Deadline: 16th October 2016
Contact: Andrea KOVÁCS // +36 20 46 77 523 //


PLACCC Festival was founded in 2008 in Hungary. It aims to present and promote site specific and public art works and projects, which are removed from the usual art-related spaces. In the frame of PLACCC event series actors, visual artists, architects and game designers use the architectural, historical, social and cultural potentials of different city areas as inspiration for their exciting new works.



Invisible Playground (IP) is a Berlin based group of artists, scientists and game designers, working on urban games and playful experiences, pushing the borders of play in urban societies.

In 2010 IP was invited by PLACCC to work on a 3 week project for the Field Office Budapest, developing a game tour after observing the underground area of the Nyugati trainstation.

Christiane Hütter (Frau Hue) explores systems: the overlap area of participation, science and politics. Therefore she designs playable social fictions in her favorite medium (reality), all over the world. Since 2010 she is a core member of IP and designs urban games and playful experiences. She also co-curated their festival Playpublik. In 2014 she founded the Society for Cultural Optimism with Friedrich Kirschner. She teaches game design and film.



Reality Research Center is a performing arts collective based in Helsinki, Finland, founded in 2001. Their works stem from critical perspectives that observe, question and renew the surrounding reality through performative means. For RRC, performances are both a tool for and a result of artistic research. The collective produces and publishes a quarterly performance journal along with books, articles and reviews.

Pekko Koskinen designs realities from the perspective of a game, playing around with combinations of art and everyday life. His works have included fictional religions, social forms, conceptual tools and self-designs. Many of these interact with life at large. In the field of sanctified arts, his work has ended up in several institutions such as Athens and Mercosul Biennials, Volksbühne, New York offering him modest artistic credit. He’s currently one of the artistic directors of RRC and a core member of YKON, an advocacy group for utopian thought.