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Wandering soundcarpet by Márton Kovács (violin) and Ádám Móser (accordion) – sound installation for two musicians and the buzz in the city

Two musicians are wandering in the city. Together or on separate paths.

They eventually meet during their meandering routes.

They’re watching and listening to the noises of the city, stopping for a coffee while playing music, weaving new tunes in the ever-changing soundcarpet of streets and squares.

They might disappear for a few minutes just to emerge in two balconies at every hour as the moving figures of automaton clocks of a tower. Their ”tower music” is making listeners remember the relentless passing of time.


Starting and end point of the Wandering soundcarpet project is Madách Square. The two musicians walk the following streets, changing directions every hour:

Asbóth Street – Király Street – Rumbach Sebestyén Street – Madách Imre Road – Holló Street – Kazinczy Street – Dob Street – Kis Diófa Street.
Márton Kovács (1966) composer, violinist and Ádám Móser (1982) composer, accordion player have played music together for a few years in theatre performances directed by János Mohácsi (Pál Závada – István Mohácsi – János Mohácsi: Egy piaci nap / A Market Day; Ernő Szép: Patika / Chemist’s; William Shakespeare: A velencei kalmár / The Mechant of Venice), in the theatre music group Szakértők / Artisans and in Trio Sordini.
Wandering soundcarpet is their first duo project.