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Viola Lévai: Together with the Space

Within the project I plan to take a conscious presence trip in the centre of Budapest, to grasp the space in its complexity. For me, space is a form that affects all the senses: a tactile, visual, aural, dynamical, rhythmical and fragrance experience. Not constant and motionless, but constantly changing because of the flow of stimulations. It draws a path, surrounds us, gives an atmosphere.

This approach allows me to perceive the streets and squares in a complex way. I can expand their functions and use them for move, play, dance and sing. With the actions, I am able to become an active shaper of the atmosphere of spaces. I link different sensory themes to each location:
Venue 1: Erzsébet tér / Theme: The complexity of the space experience
Venue 2: Around the Szent István Bazilika / Theme: Visuality
Venue 3: Szabadság tér / Theme: Touch
Venue 4: Kossuth Lajos tér – Rakpart / Theme: Sound and rhythm
Venue 5: Vigadó tér / Theme: Scents
Venue 6: Vörösmarty tér – Erzsébet tér / Theme: Space-experience dance

The most defining aspects of my dancing carrier are creativity and research. I usually say: during my time at the Budapest Contemporary Academy, I studied communal creativity. Along with our technical classes, improvisation and creation took a meaningful role in our studies. Those became the main focus of my work. My most memorable experiences are born from labs and workshops, where the researchers can connect and deepen into their work, so the experimentation founded on physicality may flourish. Sometimes these projects become performances or plays or they find a way of sharing over workshops.

I find the most inspiration in applications and workshops that are allowing me to experiment with my physical and mental boundaries through the subject of my inquiry, so I can share what I have found and invite my fellow human beings to explore it. I sense how my examinations affect my every-day presence, my relationship with my environment: they continuously nourish my curiosity, creating a living connection with nature and the people around me.