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Marcell Murányi: Bug

COVID-19 turned the Anthropocene back to the Holocene. As people disappeared from the urban public spaces the animals carefully made their way into these deserted realms. But this period ended very quickly. Restarting human life has pushed back all other living creatures once more.

My project reflects on the relationship between the recovering city and nature. Thus it is not for people primarily. I focus on a sensitive, however less prominent group of animals by installing bug hotels in the city.

The bug hotel is a construction, mostly made of wood, brick, tile, stone, bamboo. Insects can seek refuge and nest in it. Each insect species has its own preference, for example, ladybugs like empty boxes, hiveless bees can move into gaps drilled into tree stumps, and butterflies can find shelter in specially cut bamboo sticks.

During my walk I will build or place these small structures in the abandoned parts of the city, at the borders of green belts and residential areas.

Marcell Murányi is a Budapest-based artist from Hungary. He was graduated from the University of Pécs (HU) in 2017. He created upcycling-related artworks at the Faculty of Arts. He carved organic shapes into corrugated sheets as if making printing blocks. But instead of printing, they became images themselves.

Now he is interested in creating works in various media. He produces “open source” projects, installations, photos and moving images.