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Wa(l)king the city – Artists and walks

László Göndör – Péter Hajmási: Quarantine Show – back to reality

Áron Porteleki: Áron Porteleki’s cloak – Experience of Insight
My home is around an hour bike ride from my rehearsal room. I’ve taken this trip almost every day in the past 3 months, most of the time I rode on the Buda side of the city completely empty, on a route where human presence and car traffic were minimal. I got to know my hometown from many whole different, unknown aspects; new moods, new colours. I repeatedly toyed with the idea of what it would like to be a street musician without an ‘audience’, who seemingly only plays music for himself, but actually plays for a larger ‘soul’ – the city. >>>

Marcell Murányi: Bug
COVID-19 turned the Anthropocene back to the Holocene. As people disappeared from the urban public spaces the animals carefully made their way into these deserted realms. But this period ended very quickly. Restarting human life has pushed back all other living creatures once more. >>>

Ine van Horen

Viola Lévai: Together with the Space
Within the project I plan to take a conscious presence trip in the centre of Budapest, to grasp the space in its complexity. For me, space is a form that affects all the senses: a tactile, visual, aural, dynamical, rhythmical and fragrance experience. Not constant and motionless, but constantly changing because of the flow of stimulations. It draws a path, surrounds us, gives an atmosphere. >>>

Lili Stern – Bálint Antal: Soundtrack of the City
Do you think that the apathy we often feel towards each other and our environment is an important global problem? You don’t have enough time to process the impact of our city? Do you feel like communal spaces are neglected and unused in Budapest? >>>
Juhász Gergő Kaska: Make It Visible
There are several people who are pleased to decorate the walls of their home with family photos. By analogy, pictures of homeless people should appear in the street. Especially because in their physical reality they cannot be there as it has been a criminal offence since 2018. >>>

Sophie Zoletnik– Lennart Paar: Together Alone
Just a few months ago our most precious commodity was time. We were restless, calendars full of rehearsals, heads full of ideas, and in all honesty too many things to do. Then all of a sudden we get time, unlimited time, time for ourselves and for each other. >>>

Szeri-Páll-Muskovics: The Archive
Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll, and Gyula Muskovics work with a variety of media, technologies, and game mechanisms to create immersive and liminal environments that exist on the verge of virtual and physical space. Their performances are characterized by the combination of augmented reality, dance, and poetry. >>>
Ágens: The divine plague
During this finder game, Ágens lives an exploratory, and analyst walking at the past (it’s the result of the contemplative time of the Covid19) and she steps in interaction with her casual audience, and also with the local community, through Camus’s (Archives de La Peste) and her texts. >>>

Wandering soundcarpet by Márton Kovács (violin) and Ádám Móser (accordion)
Two musicians are wandering in the city. Together or on separate paths. They eventually meet during their meandering routes. They’re watching and listening to the noises of the city, stopping for a coffee while playing music, weaving new tunes in the ever-changing soundcarpet of streets and squares. >>>

Imre Vass: #takingasecond
From one day to the next, toilet paper became a symbol of special significance. An ordinary object that protected us from the pandemic during the state of emergency (ownership of dozens of toilet paper rolls enhanced our security) and helped us to ease our crave for shopping as well. >>>

Anna Margit – St. John Mckay: We’re Planting Sunflowers, Could You Please Help Us?
If you’re feeling like a little civil disobedience, but aren’t quite ready to take it off Facebook, you’re in luck! Virtually follow us out on the streets of the 8th district for an uprising — of sunflower plants! >>>
dollardaddy’s: Emma Bovary is walking again
Just like Emma Bovary, we all lost contact with reality under the present, changed circumstances. Or with what we thought to be real. The borderline between fiction and reality has blurred, this era (which has past, but still stayed present) often seems as if we were in a dream. The everyday life is not everyday anymore. >>>

Zsolt Sőrés: “Listen” Revisited, when The City is Still Naked
Years ago, I was asked to reconstruct Max Neuhaus’s sound art piece Listen. As a result during the current psychogeographic walk (also reinterpreting the soundwalk Listen) we will use dérive to explore some situationalist urban locations. >>>

Ziggurat Project (Flóra Eszter Sarlós & Emese Kovács): Invisible Traces
No more touch. In order to protect our physical and mental well-being 8-15 hugs per day is recommended, as the physical touch reduces the stress and strenghtens the immune system. In the new situation we protect ourselves with not touching each other!? What effect does this distance have on us? >>>
Bored of staying in but still not quite ready to leave your apartment? Did you have to cancel your summer vacation to a certain Central European hotspot? Don’t waste another minute browsing online streaming sites, and instead join us for an unforgettable urban tour, all from the comfort of your own home! >>>

Dávid Somló: Ringing
For me the most difficult thing of the recent period was my unfocused state, to where I was pushed by the feeling of losing control of the events of my life. Hence for my five hour walk, I have chosen a precisely followable, meditative task. >>>